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Your pet deserves a dignified farewell

Information for Vets




Use of the Petfarewell box in the Practice


Benefits Petfarewellbox


• High quality

• No leakage because of the coating and a special folding technique

• No unwanted odours because of the concealing qualities

• Firm enough to carry

• Extra safety at the handles. This to make sure the box remains closed when carried

• 2 Extra handles starting at farewell box M. This makes it possible for two persons to carry the box

• Easy to fold

• Minimum storage space needed

• Available in several sizes!



If you have any questions about the Petfarewell-box,

please contact us!

Petfarewell B.V.

Oosteind 70, 3356 AC Papendrecht, TheNetherlands


Tel.. +(31)6 533 88 905



The Petfarewell box helps with a worthy goodbye to a pet. A deceased pet can be placed in a natural position.

The box is ideal for transport home, crematorium or other destination.