Your pet deserves a dignified farewell




The death of a pet can be a challenging ordeal the pet has been a part of the family for years. Sometimes the farewell is entirely unexpected and sometimes there first is a long road of suffering. In both circumstances the pain can be very challenging.


We offer you the opportunity to offer this unique product in these challenging times.



▪ very good quality

▪ use in vets practice

▪ for cremation or bury

▪ waterresistant

▪ hygienic

▪ respectful

▪ environmentally friendly

▪ distinctive



Petfarewellboxes clearly set out.


    dimensions box  animal/pet  max weight 


Petfarewell box 2            13.8 x 10,6 x 4,3  inch  small cat / rabbit 9 pound

Petfarewell box XS          18.9 x 12,4 x 5,6  inch  cat / rabbit 14 pound

Petfarewell box S          21.6 x 13.8 x 6,3  inch   cat / small dog 22 pound

Petfarewell box M            28.7 x 16.9 x 7,8  inch   medium size dog 55 pound

Petfarewell box L           35,8 x 18,5 x 9,1  inch   large dog 88 pound



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The Petfarewell box helps with a worthy goodbye to a pet. A deceased pet can be placed in a natural position.

The box is ideal for transport home, crematorium or other destination.